Incentivate - Tie incentives to collections

Our sales incentives and engagement platform helps improve your cash flow through better collections. Make your salespeople take responsibility for collecting payments effectively.

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It's time to use your incentive program to improve business cash flow. We can help with that.

Great Features

Intuitive Reports
Intuitive Reports
Communicate your incentive schemes in a intuitive visual fashion.
Automated Processing
Automated Processing
Your incentives are processed in an automated fashion with almost 0 manual intervention.
Adjustments and Exceptions
Adjustments and Exceptions
Integrate your manual discretionary adjustments and payouts into the incentive schemes through simple parameter tables.
Leaderboards & Contests
Leaderboards & Contests
Gamify your channel or salesperson performance through leaderboards and contest dashboards that feature a social element.


Incentive Patterns

Tie collections to incentives in innovative ways using Incentivate our incentives and agent engagement platform

Catch up incentives

Enable your sales reps to catch up on old quarter collections encouraging them to recover dues faster for greater payout. Show them clearly what they stand to lose in incentives if collections are not on time.

Track collections over many quarters

If you have a long order to cash cycle, you'll need to track one quarter's collections for the next 3 or 4 quarters which is challenging in excel. Incentivate automatically does that for you and gives you clear reporting.

Pay based on collections quality

Not every overdue invoice is the same. The older an invoice is there is more urgency to collect on it. Pay your sales reps differentially based on the quality of the invoice or account overdue levels.

Improving your collections has a great positive impact on the cash flow situation of your organization. Modern companies are increasingly pushing responsibility of collections also onto salespeople. However organizing your incentive program, utilizing the right collections data and communicating those incentives to your sales reps so that they can take actions based on that information is a complex process. Incentivate helps automate away those complexities and also provides an intuitive dashboard to visualize.

Incentivate can also automate operational incentives for daily collection agents and collection partner channels. Ingest data from those partner systems and provide incentive reports and daily alerts on their performance and projected earnings. Our expert incentive consultants can also help organize your collections incentive schemes and design intuitive reports and alerts to communicate the incentive schemes better.

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