Incentive Compensation that's Incentive Compensation
Full featured incentive solution suite with end-to-end automation, built-in incentive scheme intelligence, intuitive incentive scheme configuration and stunning visual reporting and performance dashboards
Incentive Scheme Setup

Intuitive Scheme Setup

Manage, change and add incentive schemes using intuitive controls and a business user friendly interface. Incentivate features customized interfaces per country/business unit to cater to their incentive scheme philosophy and standard, approved incentive guidance

Insightful incentive scheme reporting

Insightful reporting

Detailed elegant performance linked incentive reporting, achievement tracking dashboards, sales performance gamification and motivational messages to engage your salesforce. Incentive earning potential simulators to motivate your reps to hit that catchup sales target.

Fine-grained compliance and audit

Fine-grained compliance

Capture, track and audit configuration changes to incentive schemes, data access, file uploads, financial adjustments and operational compliance details to ensure all audit needs are met. Overall fine-grained compliance for your incentive program with Incentivate.

256 bit SSL, Secure architecture, private cloud deployment

Secure Architecture

Incentivate features 256 bit SSL, encrypted database and file storage, secure private cloud deployment, hosted on certified amazon, azure or google secure cloud, and business continuity managed.

Adjustments, cross-territory sales, collections, returns and secondary sales

Adjustment Workflow Friendly

Managing sales adjustments, cross territory sales, collections, returns for your incentive schemes are simplified through intuitive field-actioned workflows that are auditable and clear with Incentivate. Apply sales hygiene riders or clauses to your incentive program to clean up your sales process.

End-to-end automation of your incentive schemes, Quick response to adhoc incentive scheme requests

Operational efficiency

End-to-end automation of your incentive schemes ensures outstanding operational efficiency for your incentive team. With Incentivate you can respond to the Business Head's adhoc incentive scheme requests in record time.

Highly configurable and capable of unique incentive schemes, complex calculations

Highly Configurable

Unique incentive schemes? Automate all types of incentive schemes, no matter how unique with Incentivate. Build a matrix on primary vs secondary sales achievement, pay a flat rate above 110% of target achievement, include a rider dependent on collections or pay a flat commission for a new brand Incentivate can do it all. Manage and automate multiple types of incentive schemes in parallel and build the perfect incentive program.

Significantly more cost savings, unprecedented value from automation, complex calculation capable engine, smashing performance and excellent reporting

Cost Effective

Enjoy significantly more cost savings over legacy solutions or manual calculation approaches. The automation, capable calculation engine and smashing performance significantly impacts manual processes and saves rework and general resources costs. In the field our clear and detailed reporting enables incentive scheme understanding amongst reps and improves performance and reduces attrition that grants amazing savings.

Integrate with downstream, upstream data sources, SAP, HR systems, CRM systems, etc.


Integrate Incentivate with upstream data sources like Data lakes, Data warehouses, SAP, HR systems, CRM systems like Salesforce, etc. Enable direct data ingestion in native format and process without manual intervention or cleansing. Integrated data validation processes also captures anomalies, data entry errors and abnormal trends.

Key Features


  • Web based intuitive interface
  • Integrated data connectors
  • Intuitive curves and commission control UI
  • Integrate upstream and downstream data sources


  • Quick turnaround time for change management
  • Automation for reduced QA effort
  • Superfast processing
  • End-to-end process automation


  • Stunning visual reports that engage and motivate
  • Full data and calculation visibility
  • In-depth analytical management reports
  • QA dashboards and financial summaries

Engage and Motivate


Deploy rich highly customizable charts and graphic visualizations with data overlays as well as custom built visualizations to model your business processes and metrics


Data pipelines and connectors to integrate, cleanse, and rationalize multiple data sources enabled through a configurable data preparation engine


Our HTML and Excel reports offer interactivity, so users can discover more about organizational data, metrics and processes and manage them for the highest level of success

Multi-device capable

Create progressive, web-based, mobile-friendly, and data-driven dashboards accessible from multiple devices

Security and Access Control

Create a unified dashboard for multiple user groups and provide appropriate access using fine grained access control mechanisms

Self service Portal

Web-based self-service portal for reporting/dashboard distribution. Track usage and field engagement on field communications.

PowerBI integration

Integration PowerBI templates and reports with record level security, parametrization and custom visualizations into BI platform


Enable advanced analytical reports to understand sales performance character, customer engagement and track performance improvement potential