Sales Performance Management & Analytics

New-age, enterprise-grade sales performance management & analytics platform that is intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to use. Our innovative design allows business users to implement process calculations in weeks and is architected to support clients across industries and sizes.

Data Management & Transformation

Import data from varied sources such as ERPs, CRMs, HRMS, etc. seamlessly with the help of APIs and connectors. Develop automated processes to transform data and calculate key business & operational KPIs/growth/efficiency metrics.

Calculate Incentives & Other Business Metrics

Easily source & validate data, and calculate key performance and other business metrics with the click of a button without having to rely on manual spreadsheets and calculation methods.

Insightful Reporting for All Roles & Functions

Visual & interactive reports for business and operational users across functions to better understand business process outcomes and deep dive further to identify actionable business insights in line with their area of influence.

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