Incentivate Builder

Fully integrated no-code incentive plan builder to help administrators build data tables, parameters, curves, jobs and batches.

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Data Tables

Data Tables

Create and organize data tables within Incentivate to store input data, incentive outputs or intermediate data and metrics. Simple pick and choose interface.

Web Parameters

Web Parameters

Provision intuitive web parameter tables to control your incentive plan rules. Set up configurable fields to reduce data entry errors

Incentive Curves

Incentive Curves

Set up slab-based incentives, interpolated lookup curves, achievement-based commission curves and many more variations of incentive curves through a visual interface.

Jobs & Batches

Jobs & Batches

Build your incentive process, organize inputs, calculation, output and history jobs into folders and batches. Configure schedules for these batches



Simplicity with power

Incentivate Builder features simplicity with power. It enables a simple interface with the power to automate complex incentive plans.

Clean and fresh interface

Intuitive user friendly interface

Git based version control

Manage versions through the interface backed by git. Migrate seamlessly to production

Pick and choose

Use a simple pick and choose interface to configure complex incentive plans.

Visual job builder

Assemble process components in a visual graph interface to build your plans


Create batches to sequence multiple jobs together and schedule them for automatic processing


Build out your workflows in a configurable interface with custom process screens.

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