No-code sales performance management (SPM), reporting and analytics platform “Incentivate” (an Aurochs Solutions product). It is designed especially for business organizations looking to automate their SPM (sales commissions, target setting, roster and objective management) processes and other reporting and analytical needs.

Incentivate is designed and developed by a core team that has 100+ years of combined sales performance management and analytics experience across business, functional, technical, and operational aspects with several organizations across industries. Our founding teams' rich heritage of data analytics, data management, and product engineering capabilities with leading global consulting organizations have helped us develop a no-code, easy-to-use configurable platform to meet data management and reporting needs of all functions and roles.


Design philosophy for our cost-effective SPM & Analytics platform

Comprehensive, configurable, no-code, cost-effective, cloud-based sales performance management solution suite with built-in process intelligence and business workflow. Our software allows for end-to-end automation and easy ongoing management and changes using intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, and web parameters. Our software also comes armed with an integrated quality assurance framework and communicates results with the help of multi-device-enabled visual and transparent performance reporting. Our unique design approach allows for self-management of several business processes if desired with higher process accuracy and significantly lower processing times.

Incentivate is a new-age sales performance management solution that facilitates automation of business processes to avoid manual errors, reduce processing time, and improve the overall payment quality using innovative design and intuitive web interfaces.

Incentivate is highly intuitive, easy to use, and is designed to bring efficiency to business operations and the analytical needs of enterprises due to complete automation, built-in flexibility, and the capability to integrate with various data source systems and several reporting platforms.

We specialize in designing and developing interactive reports and dashboards that combine informational and analytical aspects with low-level data references for quick actionable insights and faster decision-making.

Our leadership

Our core leadership team is comprised of people with decades of experience in sales & marketing functional areas (primarily in the area of SFE, data management, and general analytics). Deep understanding of data structures and process quality requirements across industries specifically for sales performance management.

Amit Jain

Director of Customer Success

Sujeet Pillai

Director of Technology

Mohit Dubey

Director of Finance

Sumeet Shah

Associate Director

Suruchi Kadam

Client Services Manager

Rajendra Bhirud

Operations Manager

Chetan Patel

Technology Head

Suraj Magdum

Sr. Analytics Executive

Rabi Jaiswal

Analytics Executive

Mayur Patel

Sr. Solutions Developer

Mayank Patel

Sr. Solutions Developer

Kartik Puri

Solutions Developer

Dheeraj Bharambe

Solutions Developer

Pratik Patel

Solutions Developer

Yash Pukale

Solutions Developer

Saurav Jaiswal

Solutions Developer

Jaldhi Mehta

Solutions Developer

Milind Shinde

Solutions Developer

Vinay Chaudhari

Solutions Developer

Pradip Shetake

QA Engineer

Rutuja Ghanwat

HR Executive

Aakanksha Gupta

Finance & HR Executive

Jaya Gupta

DevOps Engineer

Hiral Dedhia

Marketing Associate

Maneesha Veeragandham

Marketing Associate

Rohit Mahapatra

Graphic Designer

Jyoti Silale

Solutions Developer

Vaishnavi Ghawate

Solutions Developer

Kunal Lohar

Solutions Developer

Santhosh Kumar

Solutions Developer

Akshata Keshatwar

Solutions Developer

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