Sales Incentives & Commissions Management Platform

Drive sales performance through end-to-end automation of sales commission calculations, sales target setting, and objectives management. No-Code. Easy to Configure. Single Click Processing.

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Modernize Rep Communication

Unlock the power of incentives with comprehensive reporting

Remove the guesswork with crystal clear communication. Set up leaderboards to track the collective performance of your teams in real-time. Empower the field with real-time access to key metrics. Motivate them with complete transparency of their incentives and where they stand amongst their peers

Simplify Inquiry Management

Eliminate sales anxiety with seamless dispute management

Reduce all the hours of back and forth and boost sales efficiency. Configure your own custom query management workflow. Define the stakeholders needed for approvals and maintain end-to-end audits. Reduce turnaround time, improve performance data quality, streamline and automate incentive adjustments.

Configure. Control. Manage.

Design incentive plans without writing any code

Say bye to unwanted change management costs. Leverage Incentivate’s powerful parameter and curves system to make change management very easy. Design, simulate and implement incentive plans with Incentivate’s no-code builder. Use Incentivate’s flexibility in assigning multi-credits, clawbacks or reversals, quarterly and annual catch-ups, override payouts, handling eligibility, and managing the most complex nuances while administering incentive plans.

Steer Sales Performance

Not just incentives, a whole sales performance framework

Eliminate the need of tracking organizational performance in spreadsheets. Provide target scorecards, contest tracking, sales training content, and motivational elements all in one place. Know your incentive plan, and how effective it is. Are you paying for performance? Are your reps consistently underachieving? Help distill the top salespeople's behaviors to all your reps. Get all of it in a comprehensive admin dashboard. Say bye to instinctive decisions.

Engage and Motivate

Stay connected while being away

Build an environment of trust, and consistent engagement and increase productivity levels of the salesforce. The ability to deliver personalized performance stats, team performance, and contest scores to salespeople's mobile phones is now at your fingertips.

Seasoned Commissions Expertise

  • Sujeet Pillai

    17+ years of sales compensation management, and analytics experience with industries like Healthcare, Insurance, Telecom, Communications. 10+ years of innovating with new-age technologies and developing complex enterprise solutions.

  • Amit Jain

    17+ years of sales incentives design and operations, salesforce effectiveness (SFE), business intelligence (BI), analytics, and reporting experience across industries with leaders such as ZS Associates, Optymyze (formerly Synygy) and others.

  • Sumeet Shah

    15+ years of experience in incentive compensation management, goal setting, salesforce effectiveness (SFE), and process management with sales performance management leader Optymyze (formerly Synygy) and others.

  • Suruchi Kadam

    14+ years of experience in designing and implementing sales compensation enterprise software solutions, and data analytics support across industries including Healthcare, Telecom, Pharma, Energy, Distribution, and Micro Devices.

  • Raj Dwivedi

    5+ years of experience managing clients from Life Sciences, Telecommunications, and Media Management. Expert in providing data-driven solutions for Incentives Management, Sales Quota Planning, Reporting and Analytics.

Comprehensive Security

Robust security and comprehensive compliance processes to meet international guidelines and requirements. Comprehensive security across cloud, network, host, application, and data domains. 256 bit SSL, data encryption at rest and in transit, secure private cloud deployment on AWS, Azure or google cloud.

SOC2 Type II Certified
ISO27001 Certified
GDPR Compliant
OWASP Controls